Nordfab 30 Degree T-Piece

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Nordfab QF 30 Degree T-Piece

Size selected is inside diameter in millimetres.

Nordfab ducting has a rolled edge that connects with Quick Release Clips (sold separately).

For more dimensions and product information, click the Downloads and Data Sheets tab.

Only the equal t-pieces can currently be bought online. If you'd like to buy a different size, please contact us.


For more dimensions and product information, click the Downloads and Data Sheets tab. To read more about the Quick-Fit duct system, you can view the catalogue by clicking here.


Please note that product shown in the image is for illustration purposes only. The actual product supplied may differ in appearance, build or manufacturer.


Downloads and Data Sheets


Click here to download the product data sheet for Nordfab 30 Degree T-Piece


Part Numbers

Every combination of sizes you can use in your T-Piece has it's own part number, so we don't have room in this box to include all 1,330 of them.

Below are a few of the most common part numbers. If you'd like to know the part number of a different size, please contact us.

8240000444 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 80mm x 80mm x 80mm

8240000447 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 100mm x 100mm x 100mm

8240000453 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 125mm x 125mm x 125mm

8240000463 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 140mm x 140mm x 140mm

8240000478 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 150mm x 150mm x 150mm

8240000499 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 160mm x 160mm x 160mm

8240000527 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 180mm x 180mm x 180mm

8240000563 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 200mm x 200mm x 200mm

8240000608 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 224mm x 224mm x 224mm

8240000663 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 250mm x 250mm x 250mm

8240000718 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 300mm x 300mm x 300mm

8240000784 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 315mm x 315mm x 315mm

8240000850 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 350mm x 350mm x 350mm

8240000928 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 400mm x 400mm x 400mm

8240001006 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 450mm x 450mm x 450mm

8240001084 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 500mm x 500mm x 500mm

8240001150 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 560mm x 560mm x 560mm

8240001216 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 630mm x 630mm x 630mm

8240001282 - 30 Degree T-Piece - Nordfab QuickFit - 710mm x 710mm x 710mm


Why use Nordfab QF?


QF® Provides Many Benefits

Nordfab originated Quick-Fit® clamp-together ductwork in the 1990s and users quickly realized the benefits of easy-to-install, re-useable ductwork. Here are some of the reasons users choose QF Ducting for their dust collection systems

You Just Clamp QF Ducting Together

Nordfab’s Quick-Fit ductwork components have a rolled edge on the ends which provides easy connection to other components with use of a barrel-type clamp. A specially designed gasket inside the clamp seals the joint tightly.

Installers simply and quickly clamp each piece together without any special tools, to make Quick-Fit “The World’s Fastest Ducting™”. The telescoping Quick-Fit Sleeve eliminates precise measurements. 

QF Is Easy & Fast To Install

Because our ducting systems clamp together, no rivets, screws, or welding are needed. This cuts installation and downtime by more than 45% compared to flanged ductwork installation.

QF Fits Most Applications

Quick-Fit ducting components are adaptable to your existing ductwork and Quick-Fit has been used in a wide variety of applications, wherever dust collection or fine particulate transfer is required.

QF is Re-useable

Quick-Fit ducting is easy to uninstall and relocate as you move machinery or have other changes in work areas, providing one of the lowest life cycle costs of any ducting product. 

QF is Easy To Clean

Quick-Fit ducting is easy to remove, clean, and re-install — without tools. 

QF Has Leak-Tight, Solid Welded Seams on All Straight Duct

Smooth, fully welded seams prevent leaks, snags, and possible “bug harbours”.

QF Is Available in Construction Materials To Fit Your Application

QF ducting is available in Galvanized or Stainless Steel. We can also provide components in other materials such as mild steel. 

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