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Stainless Steel Hose Clip used to secure flexible ducting to a rigid connection.

The size selected will be the maximum diameter of the clip, but please be aware that you may need to select a size up to allow room to secure the flex in place. This is especially true for insulated and acoustic flexible ducting.

We do not advise using these clips to try and secure rigid ducting in place.


Please note that product shown in the image is for illustration purposes only. The actual product supplied may differ in appearance, build or manufacturer.



Downloads and Data Sheets


There is currently no data sheet available for this item, however you're welcome to contact us with any technical questions.


Part Numbers

HCLIP-165 - Hose Clip - 60-165mm

HCLIP-215 - Hose Clip - 60-215mm

HCLIP-325 - Hose Clip - 60-325mm

HCLIP-525 - Hose Clip - 60-525mm

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