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The flat shoe branches off from a flat duct. The branch is at 90 degrees to the main with an inbuilt lead in to maintain a better airflow and reduce resistance.

Made from high quality galvanised steel.

Please note that product shown in the image is for illustration purposes only. The actual product supplied may differ in appearance, build or manufacturer

We do not currently have a data sheet for this item, but you are very welcome to contact us with any technical queries.

Flat Shoe – 80mm Diameter – FLAT-080
Flat Shoe – 100mm Diameter – FLAT-100
Flat Shoe – 125mm Diameter – FLAT-125
Flat Shoe – 150mm Diameter – FLAT-150
Flat Shoe – 160mm Diameter – FLAT-160
Flat Shoe – 180mm Diameter – FLAT-180
Flat Shoe – 200mm Diameter – FLAT-200
Flat Shoe – 224mm Diameter – FLAT-224
Flat Shoe – 250mm Diameter – FLAT-250
Flat Shoe – 300mm Diameter – FLAT-300
Flat Shoe – 315mm Diameter – FLAT-315
Flat Shoe – 355mm Diameter – FLAT-355
Flat Shoe – 400mm Diameter – FLAT-400
Flat Shoe – 450mm Diameter – FLAT-450
Flat Shoe – 500mm Diameter – FLAT-500
Flat Shoe – 560mm Diameter – FLAT-560
Flat Shoe – 630mm Diameter – FLAT-630

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