Dektite Roof Flashing

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Dektite Roof Flashing

Made from highly durable EDPM, and edged with an aluminium band for a perfect fit to metal roofs.

From the diameter of your duct, you will need to select the corresponding size range and cut to suit. There are marked notches along the Dektite in metric and imperial, so it couldn't be easier!

Please note that product shown in the image is for illustration purposes only. The actual product supplied may differ in appearance, build or manufacturer.

We do not currently have a data sheet for this item, but you are very welcome to contact us with any technical queries.

Dektite Roof Flashing – 108mm – 190mm – DEK-108-190
Dektite Roof Flashing – 175mm – 330mm – DEK-175-330
Dektite Roof Flashing – 240mm – 520mm – DEK-241-520
Dektite Roof Flashing – 304mm – 724mm – DEK-304-724

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