Combi flex - 6m Long

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Combi Flex - 6m Long

Laminated aluminium flexible ducting, reinforced with a steel wire and a black PVC coating. Supplied in 6m lengths, but compressed to 50cm for shipping and storage purposes, this flex is excellent value..

Ideal for movement of air at a low velocity. It is not recommended to use this product to carry dust, fume, or heat.

Please note that product shown in the image is for illustration purposes only. The actual product supplied may differ in appearance, build or manufacturer.



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There is currently no data sheet available for this item, however you're welcome to contact us with any technical questions.


Part Numbers



COMBI-080 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 80mm Diameter

COMBI-100 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 100mm Diameter

COMBI-125 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 125mm Diameter

COMBI-150 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 150mm Diameter

COMBI-160 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 160mm Diameter

COMBI-180 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 180mm Diameter

COMBI-200 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 200mm Diameter

COMBI-224 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 224mm Diameter

COMBI-250 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 250mm Diameter

COMBI-280 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 280mm Diameter

COMBI-300 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 300mm Diameter

COMBI-315 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 315mm Diameter

COMBI-355 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 355mm Diameter

COMBI-400 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 400mm Diameter

COMBI-450 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 450mm Diameter

COMBI-500 - Combi Flex (Uninsulated) - 6m Long - 500mm Diameter

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